A Day In Our Studio

Many people ask us, what a day in the life of a Bow Wowish is like.  This is a day in the life of Elina, one of our most prized designers.


In the heart of Bow Wow and Beyond's bustling design studio, the sun's gentle rays illuminated the pristine white walls adorned with sketches, blueprints, and snapshots of lavish dog houses. The legacy of Lars, Inga, and Henrik lived on as the studio buzzed with creativity and anticipation. Join us as we share a day in the life of our team at Bow Wow and Beyond.

Chateau Visioning: Elina, one of our chief visioners, began her day in the "Chateau," the name given to the studio's creative haven. Adorned with plush cushions, flickering candles, and soothing aromas, this was where the magic began. Following the footsteps of her predecessors, Elina partook in the ritual of chateau visioning. She closed her eyes, allowed her mind to drift, and entered a dreamlike state where innovation flowed freely. With a curated playlist of ambient sounds playing softly in the background, Elina's thoughts danced like brushstrokes on a canvas, envisioning the most iconic and original dog house designs. The walls bore witness to her journey as quick sketches, hasty notes, and intriguing diagrams took form.

Material Selection: Emerging from her creative trance, Elina's next stop was to work with Hans in the material selection area. Surrounded by an array of textures, colors, and opulent materials sourced from around the world, she carefully weighed each option. Her fingers traced the rich fabric of velvet, the sleekness of marble, and the warmth of polished wood. With the vision of her design in mind, Elina chose materials that would best embody the essence of luxury, comfort, and functionality.


Planning and Construction: With materials in hand, Elina returned to her spacious building studio, where she meticulously drew out the design that had taken shape during her chateau visioning. Armed with the finest tools and the craftsmanship skills that had been passed down through generations, she began the intricate process of bringing her creation to life. Every line was drawn with intention, every joint and corner refined with precision. The studio hummed with the sounds of creativity: the rhythmic tapping of pencils, the soft whirring of machinery, and the occasional burst of laughter as colleagues shared their progress.

Celebration of the House: As the day drew to a close, the culmination of Elina's efforts was celebrated with a time-honored tradition – the "Celebration of the House." Gathered in a circle around the completed dog house, the team paid homage to their creation. Aromatic herbs were burned, filling the air with a soothing scent, and a few words were spoken in appreciation of the craftsmanship and the dogs that would soon call the house their own. This ceremony marked the transition from creation to delivery, infusing the final steps with a sense of reverence and purpose. 

The team was even joined this time by Fjordie the Dreamspinner.  Fjordie is a lovable and trippy mascot hailing from the mystical landscapes of Scandinavia. Fjordie brings a touch of enchantment to the team's celebrations. As they complete their work, Fjordie twirls and dances, casting a playful spell that transports everyone into a world of joy and wonder.

In the tapestry of Bow Wow and Beyond's daily life, Elina's role was a symphony of artistry and dedication. From chateau visioning to the celebration of the house, she wove her creativity into the legacy of Lars, Inga, and Henrik. As the sun set over the city, the studio stood as a testament to their spirit – a place where dreams for both humans and their beloved furry companions were brought to life with unparalleled passion and innovation.