Our Story

In the picturesque countryside of Scandinavia, Lars and Inga spent their childhood surrounded by rolling hills, dense forests, and the companionship of various animals. Their love for nature and design was nurtured by the beauty of their surroundings. As they grew older, their passion for creating unique and imaginative spaces also blossomed.

Lars and Inga in Europe in the early 60s

One summer, while embarking on a daring hiking adventure into the wilderness, Lars and Inga encountered Henrik, a fellow enthusiast of the great outdoors. Henrik's expertise in engineering and his wild spirit harmonized perfectly with Lars and Inga's creative vision. The three formed an unbreakable bond, sharing dreams of pushing boundaries and turning their artistic dreams into reality.

Henrik, who's first love has always been animals, holds Vallmo. "Vallmo" means "poppy" in Swedish.

Drawn by the magnetism of the bustling city lights, the trio decided to embark on a new chapter of their lives and moved to New York City during the late 1960s. Settling into a bohemian lifestyle in the heart of the East Village, they embraced the counterculture movement of the era. Their apartment became a hub of artistic expression, as they blended Scandinavian design sensibilities with the boldness and experimentation of the times.

Amidst their artistic endeavors, Lars, Inga, and Henrik never forgot their deep connection with nature and their cherished companions from childhood – their dogs. In a moment of inspiration, the idea struck them: why not create luxury living spaces for dogs that mirrored the elegance and innovation they had come to embody?

And so, Bow Wow and Beyond was born. Founded with the mission to provide a lavish lifestyle for beloved canine companions, the studio quickly gained attention for its avant-garde designs. Lars, Inga, and Henrik's Scandinavian roots permeated their creations, with sleek lines, natural materials, and functional yet artistic features.

The trio's experimental spirit was the driving force behind their designs. Each dog house they crafted was a masterpiece, a fusion of form and function that catered to the unique needs of each furry client. From eco-friendly designs that blended seamlessly with the environment to opulent palaces that rivaled human homes, Bow Wow and Beyond's creations redefined what it meant to pamper a pet.

As the years passed, the company flourished under the guidance of Lars, Inga, and Henrik. Their dedication to innovation and their unwavering love for dogs solidified their place in the luxury design industry. However, time moves forward, and eventually, the founders grew older, passing the reins of Bow Wow and Beyond to their grandchildren.

Carrying on their legacy, the new generation of designers remained true to the spirit of experimentation and devotion to dogs that Lars, Inga, and Henrik had instilled. With a blend of nostalgia and modern flair, Bow Wow and Beyond continued to redefine luxury dog living, crafting spaces that celebrated the bond between humans and their four-legged companions.

From the Scandinavian countryside to the heart of New York City, the journey of Lars, Inga, and Henrik and the creation of Bow Wow and Beyond was an extraordinary tale of creativity, friendship, and a deep love for dogs. Their legacy lives on, enriching the lives of dogs and their owners through unparalleled luxury and design innovation.